4 Quick Tips to Prevent Plumbing Issues In Your Home

Plumbing services can be costly. Most homeowner want to do what they can to minimize how many times they have to call for assistance with their pipes, drains and other plumbing features. There are a few quick and easy tips that you can follow on a regular basis to minimize the need to use plumbing services in your home.

1. Watch Your Drains
A clogged drain can create a situation where the flow of water into the drain is drastically minimized or even entirely prohibited. In some cases, a clogged drain can be an annoyance, but in other cases, it can be prevent you from using your sink, tub or other water feature altogether. To prevent drains, keep a close eye on what is permitted to go down the drain. Keep in mind that even small items like hair as well as sticky or oily items like grease can accumulate over time to create a clog.

2. Insulate Your Pipes
Another common cause for Sammamish plumbers plumbing services is a burst pipe in cold weather. Insulating outdoor pipes is one of the best ways you can keep your pipes from bursting during colder months. You can also ensure that water faucets are allowed to slowly drip when outdoor temperatures fall below freezing. As an additional step, keeping the cabinet doors underneath sinks open can promote warmer pipes too.

3. Inspect Your Water Heater
Hot water may not be a necessity in your home, but it is a highly desirable convenience. When a hot water heater breaks, sometimes it just creates a situation where hot water is not accessible. In other cases, however, a broken hot water heater creates a major water leak that must be dealt with immediately by a You can minimize the risk of having to deal with such damage by flushing the water heater several times per year. You can also inspect its flame to ensure it is entirely blue. If the flame is another color, this is a sign that the jet may need maintenance.

4. Clean Your Faucets
Sediment can build up over time either right under your faucets or in the faucets. A couple of time per year, simply remove the faucet heads to clean them and the adjoining pipes. This can ensure that the water pressure in your home remains high.

These steps can be followed to ensure your plumbing features continue to function as desired throughout the year, and they can minimize the need to call a professional for repair services.


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