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While obtaining top notch representation is an invaluable asset in any market, finding the right real estate agency to represent you in the sale of your own property is critical in the most acutely felt real estate recession since WWII. With record breaking inventory and nearly as many realtors as properties, how can you determine which agency will most faithfully and effectively represent your interests in the sale of your own property?

Here are seven tips for your quiver to help keep you from Newport Residences Price going astray and know how to spot winning agencies:

1. Interview three or more agencies including at least one established company. While it’s tempting to cut to the chase, thorough investigations lead to more effective results.

2. Compare personal communication style, agency sales volume, average time on the market, and presentation excellence.

3. Review each agency’s listings and compare how beautifully each listing is presented in the multiple listing service, especially photographic portfolios.

4. Compare website home pages, depth, content and ease of navigability. Look for seasonal transformation versus year round stagnation, technological and design flair that appeals to your own sensibilities.

5. Value promptness and follow up. Is your agency representative confirming your appointment in advance, arriving punctually and following up without delay? Early performance is a surprisingly good indicator of what you might expect during representation.

6. Ask prospective agents how they would market your property and why their agency is well suited to accomplish the sale as lucratively and efficaciously as possible. Listen and gauge the level of preparedness and organization.


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