Bulldog Health Issues – What You Need to Know

Bulldogs are like any other breed in that they have fairly common health conditions that a caring owner will want to be looking out for. When adopting an adult pet, it’s fairly easy to see these conditions, but if you’re wanting to purchase or adopt a Bulldog puppy, some of the conditions might not show themselves for a number of years. All Bulldog owners need to know what to look for and what corrections to take should a new pet develop any health issues.

Sensitivity to temperature is one of the more common ailments most owners will find with their Bulldogs. These sensitivities materialize on their skin as allergies or diseases. There are easy remedies for most of these, however, for some of these skin conditions, veterinary attention must be provided. More common skin conditions are Dermatitis, General Allergies, Demodectic Mange, Hotspots, Interdigital Cysts, Tear Stains, and Yeast Infections.

Dermatitis is a bacterial infection that attacks inflamed skin usually from fleabites or softened areas due to poor ventilation. This bacterial infection develops gradually into crusty spots usually beneath skin folds or under the tail. These can easily be remedied by vitamins to be taken orally or special shampoo. Common types of Dermatitis in dogs are Hotspots. They French bulldog in usa materialize on the dog’s skin as foul smelling moist patches of skin that contains pus. For these, anti-biotic must be given. Of course, most dog owners have run into the hot spot issue since this is fairly common among all breeds.

Many inflammations of the skin are from general allergies caused by something ingested or something that the bulldog contacted within it’s immediate environment. Although inflammations due to this may usually be treated with topical medicine, it is important to note that they have the tendency to lead to other skin infections. In most cases, it’s best to consult a veterinarian before things get worse. If these allergies escalate, they may lead to Demodectic Mange. These are caused by mites and tend to affect the dog’s immune system very badly. For this, intravenous medications are sometimes needed.

Interdigital Cysts are fairly common. These are severe abccesses normally located between the dog’s toes and are usually caused by an ingrown hair. For this, iodine solutions must be regularly applied. However, severe cases may involve surgical removal.

Due to constant moisture on wet fur from drinking and also the tendency of bulldogs to have teary eyes, there is always a chance for tear stains and yeast infections. The skin is softened from the constant wetness which offers a breeding ground for bacteria. These conditions can usually be treated with anti-bacterial teardrops or topical medications.

Keep in mind that prevention is always better than treatment. Dogs should be kept healthy through a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Owners must not wait until their dogs develop these skin conditions.For Bulldogs in particular, it is recommended that they are kept in temperate areas. Bulldogs should not be overexposed to heat as this is the source of their skin conditions. Lastly, their dog areas should be kept clean at all times in order to avoid developing breeding grounds for bacteria.

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