Ceramic Tile Vs Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are not very different from ceramic tiles. In fact, porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles which are modified in structure. It is therefore interesting to have the comparison of ceramic tile vs porcelain. The comparison reveals a lot which we can take as a worthy lesson.

The first major feature about porcelain tiles is that they do not absorb water at a high rate. Their quality of reduced water absorption makes them very suitable for certain tasks. They are ideal for covering walls and flooring. For the obvious reason, ceramic tiles would not work as well as their porcelain counterparts.

There are various things to consider when choosing a suitable tile material. You want to know that the material is durable so that it can handle all the challenges you meet. The hardness of the material will mainly come up in ceramic tile vs porcelain. It is therefore vital to know what kind of materials make the tiles.

The main material that makes both ceramic and porcelain tiles is clay. There is also a combination of quartz, sand and other ferrous materials. Another vital similarity is the fact that they are both burned at very high temperatures. Because the clay in porcelain tiles is highly purified and much finer, they are more resistant to shocks and impact.

With this fact in mind when faced with the option ceramic tile vs porcelain, you are better informed. Ceramic tiles will usually go well with murals and porcelain goes best where resistance to elements is required like on floors.

Experts constantly throw their weight on the fact that porcelain is suitable for harsh occasions. On the topic of ceramic tile vs porcelain, the former will not be able to withstand this harsh conditions. I’m talking about coverings for outdoor areas where weather changes and temperature variations may erode the weaker material.

Also consider cooler climates where porcelain remains firm and cracks cannot easily occur. Still on ceramic tile vs porcelain, you must consider the price. It is not surprising to know that porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic ones. The two kinds of tiles are vital and it depends on what you prefer.

Ceramic tiles are very slippery and this is due to the fact that they ceramic oil burner are glazed. This makes them the best match for mural applications. Due to their fragile nature, ceramic tiles are more prone to cracking. This in turn creates a great need for them to be protected and handled with at most care.

When faced with the choice of ceramic tile vs porcelain, you must consider whether they are scratch resistant. You will find porcelain made from white clay. You might also find it in red and brown varieties as well. Therefore, make a choice that will all depend on your need and preference.

This information will only guide you to know some vital facts about tiles. The materials are available everywhere and you can get to see the kind of products produced by tiles. You will enjoy them and you will surely get inspired.

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