Left 4 Dead 2 – The Best-Selling Zombie Shooter Improves on the Original in Every Possible Way


Xbox 360/PC


First-person shooter; Survival horror


Single player; 4-player cooperative multiplayer; 4-vs-4 multiplayer


More campaigns and chapters, increasing the game’s length; Over thirty new weapons and items; New special infected; Graphics are noticeably improved, even while playing split-screen; Survivors are wittier and more amusing than in the original; Melee weapons are enormously fun; New multiplayer modes; Campaigns are more diverse; Campaigns are tied together, establishing plot.


Gameplay is fundamentally the same as the original; Single player is still a bore


In 2008 Valve introduced Left 4 Dead to the world. It was hailed as one of the greatest multiplayer games, one of the greatest zombie games, and one of greatest games of the decade. Due to its new and thrilling gameplay, critics and consumers alike were able to look past its glaring faults. Exactly one year later, Valve released Left 4 Dead 2. Its announcement was initially met with calamity from fans of the original, and thousands were outraged. The gaming community was outraged at this rushed sequel, and many viewed it as an expansion. However, everyone’s worries were soon cleared when the game was released. This sequel is precisely everything a sequel should be, and more. It improves on every aspect of the original, quenching everyone’s thirst for a true sequel.


Left 4 Dead 2 steps it up in the presentation field. There is a noticeable update from the original title. The environments, survivors, and infected have all been greatly enhanced, visually. The game now has chapters that are set in nighttime and daytime situations. The inclusion of sunlit levels is an extremely welcome addition to the series, for they provide an interesting new take on scenery and keep the player’s interest high.

One glaring problem with the first game was the severe graphic-quality reduction when playing split-screen. Fans will be pleased to know that even these graphics have been immensely improved, providing a more enjoyable experience for those gamers who take pleasure in sharing a television.

While the scenery in the original did vary, Left 4 Dead 2 provides completely new locations for every single one of its twenty-three chapters. Whether you’re making your way through a swampy village, sprinting atop a carnival’s roller coaster, or fighting through a  17 wsm Ammo for sale  shopping mall, you will absolutely never get bored playing this game. Every level takes place in a totally new and creative environment, which shows how innovative a developer Valve is.

As previously mentioned, the four survivors have also been refined in nearly every way. Their facial expressions, lip movements, arm gestures, and body language have all become quite noticeably more lifelike. Due to their wardrobe, it is also easier to distinguish them from each other.

Finally, the voice acting and script have been improved tenfold. The voice actors for Left 4 Dead 2 are surprisingly better than the first title. Ellis’ stories are hilariously spoken, and Nick’s reprimands are ingeniously well done. Coach, though he is a clear copy of Punch-Out’s Doc Louis, offers more witty and clever lines, along with Rochelle. The four survivors are more unique, deep, and all have more personalities than the previous four. The increased character depth definitely provides a more enjoyable experience for all.


If you have played the original Left 4 Dead, you would understand how Valve dealt with the story. Or rather, how they did not deal with it. In the first game, the complete lack of a story and plot was something that immensely bothered myself and many others. Fortunately, this matter has had more attention brought upon itself, and Valve made it their job to add something of a plot to the series.

Although the story won’t win any awards, the inclusion of one is enough. The four survivors now have back stories, and their own histories. Each character is now totally unique and we finally know their backgrounds. Another much-loved addition is the story of the campaigns. In the first Left 4 Dead, all four campaigns were completely separate from each other and started at a different point. In Left 4 Dead 2, however, all five campaigns are brilliantly tied together and flow smoothly from one into the other. This addition, unquestionably, pushes the sequel high above its predecessor.

Similarly to the previous game, the in-game plot involves you and three other survivors battling and hacking your way from Point A to Point B, ending in a safe zone, or being rescued. Again, this has become even more enjoyable due to the intertwined campaigns.


Although the gameplay from the original Left 4 Dead was highly praised, Left 4 Dead 2 took everything and made it bigger and better.

Perhaps the most noticeable change is the amount of weapons in the game. The original title simply had six firearms and two “grenades.” In Left 4 Dead 2, the total count reaches above thirty, with five times as many weapons. Similarly to the last game, the firearms are based on a two-tier system. The weaker and less powerful weapons include the pump shotgun and submachine gun from the original title, as well as the chrome shotgun and silenced submachine gun. The pump shotgun is essentially the same as it was in the first Left 4 Dead, as is the submachine gun. The chrome shotgun sprays its ammunition out tighter than the pump shotgun, and each shell deals more damage. The silenced submachine gun deals more damage at close-range than the standard submachine gun, but suffers from low-accuracy and annoyingly high kickback. With each gun’s pros and cons, it is clear that there is a much larger emphasis on preference than there was in the original. This is even more noticeable in the higher level of firearms. The game offers three assault rifles: the combat rifle, AK-47, and the M-16 assault rifle (also known as the assault rifle in the original). All three possess their own qualities and characteristics, such as varying levels of accuracy, three-shot burst, kickback, stopping power, damage, reload time, and amount of ammunition. Additionally, there are two other shotguns: the combat shotgun and the tactical shotgun. The combat shotgun has very low kickback and is very effective against special infected. The tactical shotgun, also known as the auto shotgun from the original, releases more bullets per shot. Also returning is the hunting rifle, which stands beside the new sniper rifle; both of which vary in power and reload time. Yet another firearm added is the grenade launcher. This completely new weapon deals an enormous amount of damage to an infected, and is great for taking out large groups. In addition to these weapons are the pistols, which include a standard handgun and the magnum, which deals out far more damage than the other handgun but cannot be dual-wielded. With the wide selection of firearms, Valve has brought in much more variety and replay value to the game.


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