Survival Foods – Animal Sources That You May Not Have Considered

Most regions of the United States present you with some type of protein that you can use to survive and stay healthy, but in some cases, we don’t consider the animals that may be the easier ones to catch, can be less dangerous to us, and will allow us to eat a good meal without quite so much danger involved in the capture.

Typically, when you think of hunting, you will think of larger game animals. These might include the deer, the antelope, the wild pig or javelina, or even in some cases, larger cats. As you are aware, taking this type of game requires not only greater skill, but also involves an element of risk.

There are other types of protein foods that are available food survival kits that you may not have considered when thinking about finding survival food in the United States.

Tortoise or Turtle-

In nearly every climate in the United States, including the desert southwest, you’ll be able to find one creature that can present you with a great source of protein. The turtle or the tortoise is found nearly everywhere. They are relatively easily caught and can offer you a great food source. Catching turtles or tortoises isn’t typically difficult and they can give you a very rich food source that can be dried after cooking to keep for a long period of time.

In order to kill a turtle, or a tortoise, being near water will be helpful. Ponds or streams are going to offer them adequate water, while the turtles will, in some cases, come to dry land in order to lay eggs, some as regularly as every two weeks. Flip a turtle over, being careful to avoid their long necks and then use a single blow to dispatch it.

The turtle meat is very rich and can cause some stomach upset so don’t gorge on it, but use it sparingly when you first begin to eat it.

Frog meat-

Frogs are surprisingly easy to catch. Most of the United States frogs are not overly large, so you will need more than one or two to make a reasonable sized meal, but frog legs are very rich in protein and are surprisingly delicious. They taste, as the saying goes, like chicken, but in this case, that statement is true. They are easy to clean and relatively easy to catch. In most cases, unless you’re in “over your head” so to speak in the water, you can catch them with minimal danger to yourself and get a great meal.

You can dispatch the frog with a single blow. Catching them may be done with a snag line, using worms for bait, or can be done by hand quite easily. They are best when fried or when cooked on an open flame, such as a grill or other outdoor cooking device.

When you are looking for survival foods, try to find those which you can obtain most easily and with the least amount of danger to yourself. You can survive and stay healthy with a little out-of-the-box thinking.

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