The Best Outdoor Firepits and Patio Heaters

Outdoor fire pits and patio heaters are a terrific addition to any home. In recent years people have learned to live with less but that does not mean sacrificing on creature comforts or purchases that make the home more enjoyable. People are turning their decks and patios into extensions of their living rooms and they are demanding comfort. They have wireless speakers, outdoor televisions, lavish outdoor bars with built-in sinks, refrigerators and icemakers. Whether it’s cuddling up to someone and watching the stars over a romantic wood-burning fire pit, or enjoying a backyard BBQ full of noisy neighbors and friends while watching wood heaters weekend football, controlling your environment is the key. Your outdoor living area needs to be well lit, warm and inviting. Technologically advanced propane and infrared patio heaters enable you to control your climate if outdoor conditions are other than ideal. The latest designs for propane and wood-burning fire pits and fireplaces provide designer quality focal points that look incredible while also being functional.

There has been a dramatic rise in the sales of wood-burning and gas fireboxes and outdoor fireplaces. There is something primitive and hypnotizing about fire that appeals to almost everyone. Propane and infrared patio heaters dominate the home improvement catalogs with features that improve safety and looks that fit any style of outdoor decor. The rise in popularity of portable and inexpensive metal fire pits has been equally inspiring. Many homeowners would love to add a permanent fire pit, but building one is not always as easy as it looks, and quite frankly, few have the time or money to make it happen. Make sure you analyze your needs before you buy or build. If you have the time and skills, building a quality fire pit does not have to be expensive but safety is important. To some, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace must function as both a barbecue grill for the summer and a source of outdoor heat in the winter, while others want something portable. Many of the new metal fire pits are very safe and work equally well in the backyard or at the lake. Whether you build one yourself, or find online a product that works for you, make sure the seller carries inventory that includes the latest in safety innovation. Whichever route you take, it’s hard to beat a warm fire under the stars.

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