What Do I Need to Start Making Money Online in Today’s Crazy Web-Page Bonanza?

There are three things that separate the winners from the losers when it comes to making money online.

1. Time
2. Determination
3. Application

We all have seen one or two websites that promises the world. Maybe have bought a few ebooks to try and make what they say come to reality. But, as time goes by, it becomes more apparent that you still need more to really make this work. A one or two week plan that make sense.

Most people offering these types of help are sometimes individual who means well but too often leave a lot of the crucial links to the chain of success. It’s not just doing what one person says or just applying what you already know to a system but it takes the right strategy and cost effective way to achieve success at making money online.


This can be anywhere from four to six hours as they say. But is it? How may hours have you spent on your online business or affiliate marketing venture? If you are person just starting out, we know that it takes more than just four to six hours at this. Maybe, six to eight hours max. It may be true that some people have spent way less time because they see it as a hobby. For you, It’s more like a ‘real business’.


Determination can be broken in just two BONANZAJP sentences. I am determine not to give this venue up that I have started a few months ago or I will not do this anymore because it takes up too much of my time with little results. How long did you attend college? How much time did you feel like giving up? Did you? I am sure it felt awesome when you got that degree and you stayed the course and finished it.

Well, this goes for your quest for making money online. To get success you have to stay the course and do not ever give up!It is only a matter of time before the entire chain link falls into place. Look at it as if you are attending college all over again.

Even though, I know those are days you don’t want to remember, unless they were kick ass days that you would re-live in in a heart-beat! Give yourself time to develop and implement the strategies that you are given.


This simply is just applying exactly what you are taught. Isn’t this how you got that degree. You did what you were told to do and a dead line was set? The dead line will be different here because you are not taught how to make money online in college but just how to add and subtract. Simple math!

Maybe you don’t have a degree but have graduated high school with your loving parents looking proud. You did what you were told to do and the end result was a 11/-1/2 by 12 sheet of paper that gave you legal right to print money!

A final thought:

Knowing now that all it takes are just three important steps for you to follow for success, it’s just a matter of time before you break down the doors of hopelessness and start seeing some fruits of your labor. Begin your step into the right direction with Chris Rempel and see the difference.

I once saw an unbelievable opportunity that stop me cold by a fellow name Chris Rempel greater of the LazyMarketer. His wisdom is like no other an many will agree with me that this is true.


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