Why We Should Be Careful With Online Classified-Ads

Back in my high school days, I was really an avid fan of a Korean Pop group. Going all-around crazy for them, having merchandises and stuff with their names and faces printed on them feels like I’m in heaven seeing them. These fantasies led me to try buying online, as what others call as “online shopping”. Not taking any thoughts on the bad effects it might bring, I recklessly ordered and successfully got what I ordered. This achievement lead to another order and another, until time came that my order didn’t reach me and the seller never answered a single call of text. That’s when I realized I was scammed.

The accessibility and knowledge of a person of the internet gives him local classified ads or her privileges to explore and discover. With today’s modern technology, one can visit many sites that offer a lot of products available to see. By just displaying the contact details of the seller, an interested buyer can skim through the webpage and contact the seller. He or she may reply to many of your messages prior the official transaction and the deal’s closed: you pay through the seller’s account or via any money delivery method and in exchange you get the item. This is a very simple “barter system” method for both of you; a win-win, which is why most people, especially students are very fond of trying this out.

I believe that students are one of the targets of online marketplaces. This is because a lot of them are very fond and knowledgeable of using the internet and their interest in trying something they have never done before makes surfing more exciting. What’s more is that they can afford it at a low price because most of these products are second-hand yet in good conditions. Also, the communication method for these transactions is quite easy.

You got the item, but it was defective. Many items when delivered get a bit of a defect when it arrives to you. Improper handling of these packages (although box signs say FRAGILE) can never be avoided. Or maybe in the first place, the item was really defective and the seller wants to get rid of it by selling it to you while earning money.

To see is to believe. I personally have the confidence in seeing the product first right before my eyes than just seeing its picture. Examining the product thoroughly can give you chances on whether you would really buy the item or not. In this manner, you are given choices and you can choose what is really for your benefit.

For many of us students, we should remember that the money we put on our pockets are not ours, it is from our parents’ wallets. Saving is much more efficient to do than buying this and that. Remember that we can get anything if we have stable jobs in the near future. And finally, be critical-minded in using the internet. It offers and teaches you to make rational decisions and it is up to you to be wise on what to choose.

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